October 20, 2010

just some things that have made my days a little bit lighter;

"Sometimes when i'm lonely at college I like to open up your blog and be uplifted by your creative ways. And then just leave it open and enjoy your great taste of music as I do my homework. mhhm:) thanks lovely."

"hey there lady. :) I just thought I would say thank you for your blog. which is totally creepy that I read it. ;) but I really enjoy it."

a) finding out that i actually have READERS!

b) the leaves starting to change colors.

c) experiencing shakespeare festival, and winning first place.

d) my babygirls, :)

e) this kid's smile in general, i owe him so much.

f) and last but not least, the fact that i am just starting to really enjoy my last year of childhood. i can already feel my future tugging on my sleeves, telling me to prepare. i am not sure if i am ready, but i also know i do not have a choice. i can see it is coming at me a lot quicker than i would have ever thought it would, but for now i am going to spend my time making memories that will set my world into motion and carry with me for the rest of my eternity.

oh, and this little quiz result of course. :)
Caitlin got Ravenclaw.
"Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, If you've a ready mind, Where those of wit and learning, Will always find their kind." - The Sorting Hat. You've been properly sorted into Ravenclaw. Your colors are blue and bronze and are represented by the elemental of Air. You have fou...nd your way into the house of wit and intelligence. As a wizard you are destined to be an expert in a field of your choosing. As a Ravenclaw it is your duty to seek out the truth and not take any knowledge for granted."