February 20, 2011


The Hunger Games.

these books have become a huge hit across the nation. the movies are posted to come out sometime in the year 2014. i am so EXCITED. (: i personally am a huge fan myself, and i cannot wait to see what they do with it. now for the even cooler part; they have been trying to cast different people into the different roles. i had an old friend of mine who grew up with me in PG. her name is Danielle Chuchran. (Chuck-ran) we danced together and spent alot of time playing at each other's houses. one day she moved away to become an actress in Cali. well her dream came true. she has been cast in a few different movies, commercials, and t.v. shows. and, she has been chosen as a candidate for the role of Katniss! crazy stuff right? well here is a mini exerpt that her and the movie makers created as an audition of some sorts. check it out hunger games fans. it's sweet!

the first scene is of Glimmer killing a district. and then it goes into Dani playing Katniss. enjoy(:

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