March 22, 2011

Color Code Personality Test

Blues are motivated by Intimacy and without their natural talent to insist on quality and to provide service, our world would be a far less pleasant place. Blues want to connect and to be understood and appreciated. If they are not connecting with you, if they are not plugged into humanity, then what’s the point? They believe if you don’t have a sincere connection in life, then there really is no other value. Earning money, having the Mercedes, and being in the windowed office are nice but do not represent a purposeful life to a blue. Blues are very purposeful people who love to serve and give of themselves freely to nurture others' lives. They are loyal friends, employers and employees, and their personal code of ethics is very strong. They expect other people to live honest and committed lives as well. Blues are dependable, thoughtful, and analytical; but they can also be self-righteous, worry-prone, and moody. They hold on and never let go of something/someone once they are committed.

Blue Strengths: Blues are very observant and intuitive, noticing quality and detail. With their combined assets, their sense of purpose, and their ease with showing compassion, they become integral parts of every society. In fact, they become an integral part of whatever they commit themselves to doing, whether it be fundraising, raising a family, or running an entire department. Blues sense of commitment can sometimes trap them. They will often stay in a job much longer than will serve their best interest simply because they said they would. They tend to stay because they are loyal and they care about everyone with whom they connect. You can bet Blues will be the ones to refer back to the Color Code materials because they have made a commitment to learn, to become self-aware and to be their best.

Blue Limitations: Ruling by the heart can be a double-edged sword for Blues. If you don’t appreciate their gifts, they won’t give at all. This is a constant threat when in a relationship with a Blue. A common statement from Blues is, “My emotions have ruled me all my life.” Their emotions are their Achilles’ heel. They want so badly to be loved and accepted, constantly seeking understanding from others while often refusing to understand and accept themselves. Blues remember their limitations—or what is wrong with them—more than they remember their strengths. It is inborn. Abraham Lincoln is a good example of possessing a desire to reveal insecurities. He often talked about his flaws and inadequacies as president. Yet he continues to be seen as one of the greatest presidents of our nation. Blues need to remember that the reason they have these limitations is very connected to their gifts. The reason they care so deeply is also the reason they tend to struggle more with depression. Blues must realize that the reason it is so hard for them to break off a relationship or leave a job is tied to their capacity to dedicate themselves so completely and feel so deeply about those commitments.

basically that's me in a nutshell. worried, emotional, and self-depricating. sounds a bit pathetic when you put it that way doesn't it? (sigh.....) although it did mention something about loyalty and commitment right? oddly enough, my friends told me that this sounded just like me. i do catch myself spending so much time tearing myself to pieces that i have never really been able to discover if i had anything about myself that i actually like. there are people around me who say they can, so why can i not see the things they are saying? how can i expect to have others love me, if i cannot even simply love myself? i can't. it's as simple as that.... what a stupid girl you are sometimes caitlin elizabeth. but there is time to improve, and that time starts now.

"Love yourself, even when it feels like nobody else does."

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