March 31, 2011

sometimes people deserve to be written about. sometimes they just deserve a little something for all that they do. there is this one kid i know, who has touched my life in more ways than one. i am no good at writing how i feel, but i guess i should give it a shot,

your smile brings warmth on even the coldest wintery days.

"i'm gonna stay 18 forever, so we can stay like this forever."

your laugh, well it makes me laugh.

"those people that come into your life and change it for the better, are worth keepin."

your confidence in me is flattering.
it is nice to know i always have someone to believe in me.

"oh, this sweet child of mine,"

you always come to the rescue, just when i need a helping hand.

"i had those walls, and you tore them down,"

i needed a best friend like you.

 "i feel like i can fly when i stand next to you."

when we talk, i love the way i feel like a kid again.

thank you. thank you. thank you. (: (: (:
you are positively the most wonderful friend, boy i have ever had.

well folks, i am off to serve my time at the special needs roadshow.
gotta love those wonderful people.
xoxox, miss grateful.

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Caitlin,
I was just wondering if you get notified when I randomly comment on an old post in your blog?? You are AMAZING!!
Your boy;)