April 12, 2011

dearest friend,
i want you to know that i am sorry. i am sorry i have been impatient and less understanding than i should be. but i hope that you can come to understand where i am also coming from. it is so hard for me to watch you do this to yourself. you are so much better than what you are giving yourself credit for. i do not know how much is actually behind this twisted sense of self you find yourself caught up in, but i hope that you can come out of that trap and find self love once again. i know things seems dark at times, but that's a part of life. there will always be dark times, but the whole reason god put us on this earth was to test us; to see if we could really do this. but he always gives us light. there is always a way into the happiness. i believe in you, i know that doesn't mean much to you right now, but just know that i am  not lying. all of your friends believe in you and are rooting for you to succeed. dissapointment is a part of life, it is unavoidable. but, you can decide now how you are going to face it. don't let it defeat you. don't let it take you away from everyone and everything that you love. becaue if you do that, then you have let it win. i know it may take you some time, i understand that. but just know, that i will be here whenever you decide you are ready. because that's what friends do, they forgive each other, and they hold out for one another. i won't give up on you, and i know that everyone else won't either. it's now up to you. you have decide to come back and you have to decide to believe in yourself. we can't do that for you. but we can and will wait. i can promise you that much.

you know you love me.


lovethegameforever said...

Do you still feel this way?

caitlinelizabeth. said...

always have ali. i could never change my mind so quickly.