May 15, 2011

okay, wtf blogger? you lost my super cute post on prom. it fell into cyberspace oblivion apparantly. yeeeesh.
oh well, sorry date.

anyways. so today has been a wonderful sunday full of farewells, friends, love, and smiles. i love days like today. i wish they could come around more often. but as i was sitting at my home reflecting on life in the past couple of months my mind kept going back to the people i have allowed to be in it.

have you ever met someone or had someone come into your life that almost completely changed you from who you were before?

well i have.

fortunately for myself he came just in time. i don't even think he understands the kind of impact his influence has made on my life. i constantly want to be better and do better cause i just know that he all around deserves better. he's a friend to me and has managed to not let me be afraid of putting myself out there for someone to understand. my entire outlook on who i am is so different now, and for the better. i have never in my life felt more blessed than i do for this kid.

now, i am not saying that we will be together forever and live happily ever after, cause that's just all way too hollywood for me and we are way too young for any sort of talk like that. i have no idea what will happen, and thinking about the fact that eventually things will have to end saddens me, but he has been exactly what i needed right now. he has done so much for me, and eventually i am going to have to repay him. how? i have no idea. but i'll try.

anyhoo, that's it for tonight. sorry if someone is reading this and it makes them want to throw up all over their computer screen, (courtney) but i have every right to post my happiness on my blog. HA!

miss twitterpated

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