June 21, 2011

life can be full of dissapointments.

an sometimes i wonder why that is the only thing that humans dwell on. the bad.
we focus so much energy on fixing ourselves and finding where we can improve, and we always
wonder, "what more can i do?"

yes, sometimes we get down on ourselves because no matter what we do, there is still something we could have done better, or something more we could've done.

so life can be full of dissapointments, but where is the happiness in seeing life in that light?

there are these little moments, little things that happen everyday that brighten our smile, or lift our spirits, and remind us why we sacrifice so much everyday to just be happy.

hold those moments, breathe those moments, those are the times that matter the most.

and finally, let yourself live.

look out badgerettes, i am headed your way. (:

1 comment:

andy brienne said...

oh my heck! congrats on making the team. :)