July 25, 2011

2) how have you changed in the past two years?
two years ago would've put me at 16, the summer before my junior year, going through yet another fight over my friendships, and also a horiffic break-up that put my self esteem at about a 3. i was lonely and heartbroken. needless to say i was a little bit lost. i was making poor decisons all in the effort to try and make up for lost time and prove that i wasn't as weak as i was letting people see that i was. i would look in the mirror and hate the person that was looking back at me, not for things i had done but mostly i was seeing the reflection of who i had been told i was, and that was all i could see. luckily, the next two years following this one would prove to be alot better. i still made my fair share of mistakes but tried harder to learn from them. this past year though, proved to be a life changing one for me. now when i look at myself i can see someone that is trying. i see a girl who can smile and be anxious about her great future that she has set for herself. i still see someone who is far from perfect and not the greatest at anything she tries, but she is happy with herself. she has room for improvement but this girl has the will and the confidence to make those improvements with a smile on her face. these past two years have proven to be ones i needed. and i wouldn't change them for the world.


Court(: said...

You are an incredible person. I am so glad I met you this year and you have showed me and taught me so much. I love you a lot. Thank you for your example and testimony. You continue to be there for me after all my mistakes and wrong choices. Thanks for being my best friend butch

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