July 17, 2011

so, alot of emotions have been felt this week. i'm not sure how i feel about it all.

one thing i have learned is that no matter how old you get or where you go,

sticking strong with your standards will still be mocked.

i was in shock this weekend.
i was not expecting that.

yet, i know what i have been taught and i know that those morals and values are true. where would somebody be if they didn't have a foundation to build on? being yourself is not always easy, but it is rewarding. i have been in bad places before, and made some very bad choices. but i do not want to live my life in that way anymore. i made goals, and i am working to achieve them.

never let somebody else, or even a group of people, influence your decisions or make you question your standards and values. ever. it will never be worth it.


Anonymous said...

Stick with the people who matter the most! They will always influence you for good. Don't ever let any dumb girl make you feel bad for being a very good, smart girl.

caitlinelizabeth. said...

thank you(:

who are anonymous commenter?