July 3, 2011

so, i found someone i really needed to write about today. i have a young women's leader who i have looked up to since the day i moved into this new ward. she is so sweet and kind and one of the strongest women i know. she told us a story that seriously moved me, and i just thought i would share it with you...

her husband and her are so so in love. they have been since the moment they met. kristi, my leader, says that she knew from the very first date that they were meant to be. this guy is just amazing. you can tell that he loves his wife and his family more than anything else in this world. they are one of those couples that you look at and say, "wow, i hope my marriage is like that someday." well today in young women's, kristi was teaching us a lesson on having an eternal perspective and the importance of living righteously here on earth. she then gave us an example of having that perspective,, her husband has been diagnosed with huntington's disease. for anyone who may not know what that is, it is a disorder that is passed down through families in which certain nerve cells in the brain waste away, or degenerate. it has killed his father and his sister already. basically, someday in the near future, her husband dan is going to lose complete control over his body. he will have no muscle control and will inevitably become handicapped. shortly thereafter the disease will take his life. can you even imagine? the worst part is, kristi knew all of this when she decided to marry dan. she loved him so much that she was willing to go through all of this, watch her husband suffer, and take care of him, then one day watch him die, all because she loves him so much. she also has that eternal perspective in that she knows that this time on earth is only a small fragment of what we will truly experience. she knows that dan's body may not be perfect here on earth, but in the next life he will be. and they will be able to live together forever with perfect, healthy bodies.

to me, this woman exudes immense faith and strength. not very many women would be able to do this. i don't know if i could marry somebody i knew was sick with something that would someday kill him, and also carried a gene that he may or may not pass on to their children. kristi askew is truly an amazing woman. she is the perfect example of what a woman should be. she loved this man so much that she was willing to take care of him and stay with him even with this knowledge. wow. it is truly an unreal thing to think about. would i be able to do that? would i be selfless enough and have enough faith to go through with it? luckily, thanks to kristi's testimony i grew today. i was truly touched by this story. it was something that changed my life, and helped me to gain a true testimony of having an eternal perspective of things here on earth.

i love this gospel and for everything it brings into the lives of the people it touches. also, i am so grateful to have powerful, strong female examples in my life.

god bless the askew family.
keep them in your prayers.

little miss faithful

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