July 24, 2011

1) things you want to say to five people.
1) first of all, you are my best friend. you have known me longer than anyone else has. i am so grateful for your friendship and love. you have been there since birth, and even though we fight sometimes, i will always be grateful for you. i love you.
2) you are the best thing that's ever been mine.
3) girl, you are the boss. (; remember that no matter what, i will always be your friend. you may be far away but never too far that you won't have me around. you can always give me a call whenever you need me. i think you are a wonderful person and i wish you the best.
4) i met you this year through that crazy boy of mine, but you have become a great friend to me. you know me well and have always been around to listen. i owe alot to you. don't worry, someday i am going to find you that supermodel...
5) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (: that's all you deserve.


missijay said...

the best.
sometimes thats just all you have to say!

caitlinelizabeth. said...

haha amen girlfriend.