July 26, 2011

3) what kind of person attracts you?
the kind of person that compliments my personality. somebody who is kind, but doesn't let people walk all over them. someone who is confident enough with themselves that they can hold themselves in any given situation. i like people who can see the best in people and believe in second chances. i like someone who can make me laugh when i need it, but can be serious and have those kind of conversations with me when the time calls for it. i look for someone who is patient, because i am exactly the opposite of that. i like it when someone goes out of there way to do things for others around them. i like a guy who is nice to his mom and siblings. (:

oh and it doesn't hurt for him to be good looking, have a good smile, and treat me like a princess sometimes. (; hahaha

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Anonymous said...

Oh good now I know so I can work on these things;)