August 7, 2011

13) a date you would love to go on.
oh boy, do i have alot to say about this one. mostly, a date i would love to go on would involve some thought. i would love to have to dress up nice and go to a nice, sit down restauraunt, that he knew was my very favorite. have a nice dinner together, just the two of us. boys don't do nice dinners much anymore. but those are my favorite. then after that we could do anything he wanted to do. my favorite kind of dates are the ones that the boy thinks of something simple, and fun to do. so a nice, dressed up dinner and then something sweet of his choice. (: sounds absolutely perfect to me.

*and boyfriend since i know you are reading this... we have one more weekend night before i move once you get home from vacation (;

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Anonymous said...

Hypothetically on this dream date what would you do after dinner? ;)