August 14, 2011

17) things that make you scared.

the fear of being alone.

everyone has their fears of little things like spiders and clowns and things that just tend to make the hairs on the back of their necks stand up. i have those same little fears too of course, but my real fear, the one that really scares me almost everyday is my fear of living this life completely and utterly alone. what if i make a mistake and let my eternal companion slip right through my fingers? what if i get too caught up in my own life that i never have time to let anyone in? what if i fall in love with somebody i just can't have? so many different thoughts, all given the same result. loneliness. i can't take that, the thought of it frightens me beyond belief. that is something that scares me.


Thomas Family said...

You always have your mommy and Monday night TV! Even when I'm crazy, have lost my mind and too old to concentrate, even then there is still Monday night TV with the old mommy! Ha ha!

caitlinelizabeth. said...

monday tv nights are my favorite!!! i'll miss them.