August 22, 2011

21) something you can't seem to get over.
well, i can't get over the fact that i am here. i am an adult. there are things you always dream about when you are little. being grown up, going to college, and becoming independent are three things that i know i fantasized about as a child. it was so "cool" and glamorous to be all grown up. i looked at those girls that were eighteen years old and always thought how awesome that life must be. the parties, the boys, the fun.... i couldn't wait for it. i wanted to conquer the world. and now, although as exciting and new as all of this is, i can't get over the fact that i am now here, living in this apartment, cooking my own food and doing my own laundry, and living that whimsical lifestyle i always dreamed about. i thought that i would feel different, more mature and put together once i reached this point in my life, but honestly i feel like that same insecure little girl that i met in junior high. it's funny how time flies; one day you're looking at the stars and the next, you're touching them. here i am, on the crossroads of my unwritten novel. which way will i go from here? well, i can only guess. this feeling of stepping into my grown up shoes is quite
exhilarating. but i';m ready. one crazy roommate at a time.

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