August 26, 2011

so far.......

what i love:
*my roommates have all been super nice and friendly.
*my cousin julie, who is also my roommate, i feel is soon to become one of my best friends. along with cassady, my gracious friend who is on drill team with me.
*my classes are so fun and interesting. i can finally learn about things i want to know about. not what the state tells me i have to learn.
*independance. no curfew, no real rules, just me and my own responsibility. nobody to tuck me in or call me to come home. i have to do things for myself. cook, clean, sleep, do my homework.
it is rewarding to have the satisfaction of doing things for myself.

what is hard:
*missing my family. homesickness is kinda kicking me in the butt. i miss mommy's home cooking, daddy's love, courtney's laugh, hannah's talks, and bowen's sweet smile.
*being poor, and not having time for a job.
*having no car. limits my freedom just a bit.
*missing my friends from home.
*missing tanner, i just wanna give him the biggest hug in the world. something is starting to feel off though....something is shifting. i don't know what to do about it though.
maybe, i am just a freaker.

but my experience down here at snow college has been so fun thus far.afctivities every night. new friends and faces everywhere i go. it's going to be an incredible learning and growing experience for me.

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Thomas Family said...

What...only my cooking? Nothing else?! Ha ha! I miss you and your smile and your worries and your triumphs and your stories and your stinky feet and your laughter and your hugs and your anxiety and your happiness and our Monday night TV time!

You are going to be one awesome and successful adult! Keep reaching for the stars........