August 17, 2011

so today, is wednesday.
i move out, saturday.
i started packing up my bedroom. i've put it off for a really long time.
my walls are bare, my pictures are gone. my drawers that have been stacked with my junk, are now empty. my clothes are being sorted into piles of what i can take, and what has to stay. my memories are hanging on the curtains and dangling from the ceiling. the walls are carefully painted with my tears, my laughs, and my frustrations. after this week, i have to leave my childhood behind in that room, and move into adulthood in the form of dorm rooms and ramen noodles. i'm feeling a mixture of emotions that i am having a difficult time identifying and sorting. i know that everyone has to do this at one time or another, and so therefore i should just buckle down and get over it. but that doesn't make it any less emtional. i dunno, maybe it's just me.

tugging at my heart strings until they give out and collapse.

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