September 20, 2011

27) talk about your siblings.

courtney- my best friend. my example. my hero. the fighter. that's my oldest sister in a nutshell, to me. i see her in a way completely different from what everyone else does. she puts on a tough face, but i know the sweet person she really is. in our 18 and a half years of knowing each other, we have learned alot from one another. she taught me strength, and love for myself. she taught me that i am not allowed to get picked on. she showed me how to stand up for myself. she taught me how to not only be a tough woman, but be a tough latter day saint. she has been through many trials, but has always come out strong. her example of a missionary is one i will never forget. i am going to miss her with all my heart while she is in chicago serving the lord, but i know she is making a very righteous decision.. i can't wait until she gets back and we can move in together, in our very own apartment. god bless you big sis, return with honor; i will miss you.

hannah- my laughter. my storyteller. my listener. the spitfire. that would be my little sister in a nutshell, to me. this little girl has more attitude bottled up inside her body than i have ever seen in anyone else. she is so much fun, and brings joy into every room she enters. she is so kind to everybody and does not pass judgement on others. she has had plenty of people in her life tell her that she isn't good enough, and that she is worth nothing. to all those people i would like to say, shame on you. because this girl is anything but. she cannot be stopped, she will not be put down, and she will acheive her goals. she has taught me perseverance and the courage it takes to go face your fears. she is so strong. i can only imagine what many more accomplishments she is going to have in the future. never quit babygirl.

bowen- my handsome man. my support. my love. the charmer. that would be my little brother in a nutshell, to me. my little man, who is not so little anymore. if ever you find yourself sad or upset about anything, go to bowen eric thomas, because i can promise you that he will make you feel better. he has such a big heart full of love, and he loves to give it. his excitement for life is so contagious and can turn even the grayest days into a lovely shade of sparkle. i mean, he is definetly 9 years old, with his love for sports and his loud demeanor, but that is what makes him so much fun. he tells me i'm beautiful, and cries when i have to leave him. there is no man in this whole world that could ever replace my bo-man. handsome, i will keep that temple picture forever. stop growing up okay?

so there it is folks, my siblings in a nutshell, to me. i couldn't get rid of them if i tried, and i would never want to. there is something so special about the love between siblings. something so irreplaceable. and my family has that. i thank the lord everyday for my family. they are so much more than amazing to me. i only hope that i can go out now and make them proud to call me one of thier own. i hope i can be someone to these kids as special as they have been to me.  i love them all. and miss them every single day. i am always thinking about you guys. never forget that.


Court Thomas said...

we all love you very much.

Thomas Family said...

I am wiping away my tears, right now, at this very moment! This is beautiful and quite a tribute to your siblings, who LOVE you as much as you love them!!!!