September 19, 2011

i can't even tell you the mix of emotions i have felt these past few days.

last week, i was so moody and onery all the time, because i was having a hard time coming to
grips with the fact that my sister's farewell was that sunday.
i'm going to miss her,, so much.
i cried my eyes out, until they were dry.

i took it out on the one person who has always been there for me, and who means the world to me.
he thinks he doesn't make me happy when we are apart, but really, he has no idea.
without him, i would be almost completely miserable.

i have to learn how to control my emotions.
otherwise they may be the reason that i lose
everyone around me.
i try so hard to keep them around,
it's almost suffocating.

i know that this is what it means to grow up,
learning how to become master of yourself.

and i have alot to work on before i am worthy of anybody.

i'm sorry.

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