September 20, 2011

so i know i already posted one up today, but i am super behind on this 30 day challenge thing i took on like two months ago. since my brain does not have the capacity to let me leave something unfinished i just gotta get through it. so here it is....

28) the month you were happiest and why
picking one month would be impossible. can i just write about every month i've had in 2011 so far? because it has been filled with so many amazing months. ..

january. courtney was home for christmas break. we sat up late one night and just had this amazing heart to heart. it brought us so much closer. and tanner kissed me for the very first time.
february. tanner made things between the two of us official, and i was allowed to call him my boyfriend, finally. plus, it was valentines day.
march. morp with tanner. and the first time tanner told me he loved me, all happened in this month.
april. my birthday. everyone made it so special for me. it was so nice to be reminded who really cared.
may. prom, oh prom. one of the very best nights of my life.
june. graduation, senior activities, lake powell trip. all things that will stay with me forever. having that last hoorah with some great, great people was beyond amazing. if i could go back and do it again, i would.
july. tanner told me that he wanted to work this relationship into something so much more than ever before. and he was willing to work for it, if i was too. i also met cassady this month.
august. courtney got her mission call. chicago, illinois. spanish speaking. wow. what an experience that was. i can't even explain the emotions felt. and, i moved out of my house and went off to school.
september. adjusting to college life, being on my own, missing my family and tanner. but having the time of my life with cassady and julie. courtney's farewell. everything just coming together.

looks like i am just a very blessed girl, to have so many happy months in a row. (:


Anonymous said...

You know something I realized - you hardly ever actually use my name in a post;) hahaha

caitlinelizabeth. said...

well. it is in this post 6 times to make up for it i guess. (;