September 22, 2011

so, once you get to college most schools (except maybe BYU) have this whole thing where you become a "true whatever your mascot is". in my case it would be "true badger night". an outsider might think, hmmm this sounds fun, because in order to call yourself a true badger you have to get kissed by some random, or perhaps not so random, person under the bell tower when the clock strikes 12. WOOOOOH. sounds so exciting right?


see, i was not planning on attending true badger night at all. the whole idea just kinda weirds me out ya know? plus, having a boyfriend was a great excuse to not have to be a part of this whole ceremonious evening. but unfortunately, now i have no choice. you see, i signed up to be a part of my roommate, Nicole's commitee for student council or whatever. we are in charge of publicity, and therefore putting on all of these super duper exciting events around campus. i was super excited about it because i thought, "hmm what a great way to get involved?" during our first meeting however, i was told that we are in charge of true badger night, and therefore must also attend true badger night. greaaaaaaaaat. thanks alot nicole!!

luckily, if you wear black to that night's little shindig it tells guys that you DO NOT want to be kissed. looks i'll be sporting the little black dress idea that night. yay for me. might as well look hot on the night i'm NOT getting kissed right? (;


Anonymous said...

Oh no you are going?? and you are going to look way hot how are you going to avoid being kissed???

caitlinelizabeth. said...

because i love my boyfriend and i won't let anything happen (: