October 16, 2011

All About Caitlin

Now I hacked this blog tonight because I just really wanted to let everybody know some of my favorite things about Caitlin!  Hopefully she will forgive me for breaking in and writing on here;) I am just going to write about a few things that people might not know about her but that are amazing!
  1. Caitlin will always, always care about someone else and watch out for their feelings over her own.  I am impressed every day by this!  She is extremely selfless and won't fight with people because she doesn't want to hurt them.  But if they hurt someone she loves she will fight for that person so much!  She is always doing things to care for others, to help them, to lift them up.  Pretty much one of her favorite things is giving gifts to people because she loves to make them happy.  This is truly an incredible quality about her.
  2. Caitlin is one of the hardest workers I know.  She literally works herself into the ground! (I don't know how happy I am about this, but it is impressive for sure;) ) If there is something she does not know how to do or feels like she can do better she will work and work and work until she gets to where she wants to be.
  3. Caitlin is the most beautiful girl ever!  Now I know what you are all thinking--everyone knows this--but I just had to throw it in here;)
  4. Caitlin always listens and cares about people, then knows how to give them good advice.  She always keeps the best interest of that person in mind then gives great advice to them.  No matter how silly or dramatic something may be, she will always listen and care.  I am floored by how many people come to her to talk about their problems, their lives, and ask her for advice.  I would suggest if you ever get any advice from Caitlin, take it, because she know what she is talking about!
  5. Caitlin is extremely loyal, especially to her family.  They are always her first priority in everything! She will defend any member of her family, and really anyone she cares about, tooth and nail no matter how hard it may be for her.  She never will abandon anyone for any reason, and is always there when the people she loves need her.
Well, this may have been a little bit sappy but those are just a few incredible qualities about Caitlin I wanted to tell everybody about!  Oh if you read this please comment and say your favorite thing about Caitlin;)  She means so much to me, as I am sure she does to all of you too!  Thank you for reading!
Love, Tanner


Court(: said...

Caitlin Butch Thomas is one of the greatest friends I ever could have been blessed with. She makes me laugh harder than almost anyone. She has the biggest smile and a HUGE heart. If I was a guy.. I'd date her. I freaking love you Caitlin. Tanner, you're a freaking stud and don't ever hurt her. Just because you're my friend, doesn't mean I won't. I second everything you put on there. Chappy Chunday

caitlinelizabeth. said...

oh boss!
thank you(: i adore you so much!


(: (: (:
i love you.

Cass said...

Caitlin is my best friend. Without her I don't know where I would be right now. She blesses me every day of my life just by being in it. She has my back, and I have hers. I love her like we were twin sisters joined at the hip. I appriciate her because of everything Tanner said and because of many things of my own. She is the kind of person I could go for a drive or for a walk with without saying one word and feel like I had had the best conversation in the world with her. She is the kind of person who tries to make things work for everyone, even if she isn't particularly excited about it. She always makes people feel better about themselves. She deffinately leaves me feeling better about myself every time I leave her side. She never asks for anything unless she absoluetly needs it. Even then she hesitates. Her smile just brightens my day. It makes me want to smile even from my liver. I love you Caitlin. Hmmmm....maybe I should get a fan T-Shirt. :)

caitlinelizabeth. said...

hahahaha cassady!!!!

i couldn't love you anymore(:

you are my best friend. thank you for being that for me. i am excited for all of our future adventures! (:

Because i know we have many many more to come!

Thomas Family said...
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Thomas Family said...

I'm so grateful that you love my Caitie-Bug! She came straight from heaven with that great big heart of hers and a smile on her face! She is JOY!

It is comforting to know that she has friends and family to share life with her!

Caitlin is one of the BEST!

P.S. Cassaday is an answer to many prayers. Caitlin needed a Snow College friend and someone to share the experience with of drill team, the higher education way!