October 18, 2011

happy birthday.
to the greatest mom alive.

my cleaner. my photograher. my cook. my number one fan. my supporter. my chaffeur. my confidant. my laughter. my teacher. my example. my defender. my listener. my shopping buddy. my movie goer. my shoulder to cry on. my doctor. my comforter. my smile. dinner date. my appreciater. my peace. my stress reliever. my knowledge. my accepter. my home. my best friend; my mom.

you may think you have the best mom in the world,
but you don't. i do.
i love you.


Thomas Family said...

Sob, sob, tear, tear! Thank you! I really needed these words today! You're the bestest of daughters and I LOVE YOU!

Dan said...

I didn't even know you had a blog! Um, you're the cutest ever. And you DO have the greatest mom ever. :) (Kristi. Not Dan. :))