October 23, 2011


who knows the meaning of that word, really? everyone is asked to sacrifice different things
in order to please the Lord, and in order to recieve the blessings awaiting those sacrifices.
but because everybody is different and was blessed with different trials, how do we really
know what exactly we must do, what we must sacrifice, in order to prove our faith?
how much hardship and heartache does it take to do what's right?
i forget to be grateful sometimes.
i forget how much the Lord has given me.
and how much i need to give back.
i know deep down in my heart, to the very core, that i must give him up someday.
that he will go out and serve the Lord with all of himself.
and i will be so proud of him, and i want to support him.
because i love him.
i want him to have that experience, and to change the lives of all those people.
because i know he will.
but my heart can't give him up quite yet.
it needs him for just a little while longer.
i know i am being selfish, but when somebody as great as him comes into your life it is hard to
picture it without him.
i will sacrifice all i can for the right.
but, my heart won't give him up just yet.
if he thinks otherwise then i will do whatever he needs.
this is his mission.
the happiness i feel when i am with him is indescribable.
he makes me feel so loved.
and so much more.
i will be supportive. i will help him prepare. i will be strong.
i will be whatever it is he needs me to be.
as long as he is mine.
as long as i can still love him with all that i have.
that's enough for me.
i will spend the next 3 years waiting if i have to.
all for him.



Anonymous said...

Thank you

Court(: said...

"I am convinced that missionary work is not easy, because salvation is not a cheap experience. Salvation never was easy. We are the Church of Jesus Christ. This is the truth. And He is our great eternal head. How could we believe it would be easy for us when it was NEVER, EVER easy for him?" -Jeffrey R. Holland.

i love you girl. i know its so hard, but you'll get through it. he's a great guy and he'll make a great missionary. if it's meant to work out, it will. put your trust and faith in the Lord. you have lots of family and friends who are there for you and always will be.

caitlinelizabeth. said...

thanks court. i appreciate your friendship and support.
you are an amazing example!

Anonymous said...

Courtney Boss you are my hero. Thank you so much!