October 4, 2011

so, this is the story of my life in about 60 sentences. hahaha
for anyone on drill, you know what i mean(:

you know you're on the drill team when....

1.Your furniture in your room is arranged to create the largest open space as possible.

2. You get upset when all you can find at Disneyworld is a CHEERLEADER Minnie.
3. You pop out of your chair and start dancing to the theme songs of commercials.
4. You critique the technique of dancers you see on TV or in other performances.
5. Even if you are terrible at math, counting to eight is no problem for you.
6. You are planning on, or have already bought stock in bobby pins.
7. You have an entire drawer filled with old costumes and practice clothes.
8. If seated, you cannot listen to music without mentally choreographing a routine in your head.
9. You show up to first period with sweat dripping down your face on a regular basis.
10. Hallways are always a place to practice leaps.
11. You own more spandex than formal gowns.
12. You can fix anything with safety pins.
13. Half of your closet is consumed with the color black.
14. A broken toe is more than an inconvenience.
15. Dance merchandise and costume catalogues are captivating reading material.
16. Seeing someone do the splits does not send you into shock.
17. Stretching is not just something you do for a few seconds when you roll out of bed in the morning.
18. You do not think "Capezio" is an Italian pasta dish.
19. "Dancing" is the one of the first items you write down when asked to list your hobbies.
20. You have, at one point or another, found a pair of foot undies, gore boots, miss-matched socks, etc. in your purse or wedged in the back seat of your car.
21. Your parents/roommate yell at you to "Come watch this!" when a dance show is on TV.
22. Nine out of ten of your t-shirts are from dance/drill team events.
23. Your mom gets mad at you for wearing sweats everyday, instead of the clothes she’s bought you.- which are cute! But not as comfortable.
24. You find yourself walking in step with people in school/work hallways.
25. For you, the year is divided not by weather seasons, but by football/competition /basketball/ try-out seasons.
26. Kneepads are your friends.
27. Lipstick and glitter are among items in your closet.
28. You have ever called your mom in tears begging her to bring pantyhose, bobby pins, your left gore boot, or an entire costume.
29. You wish professional football games showed the halftime performances.
30. You say "5, 6, 7, 8" instead of "Ready, set, go!"
31. You can pose for a picture in an instant.
32. Most of the videos you own are dance videos
33. ..You go to bed at night and catch yourself doing small arm and hand movements as you run the latest dance you are learning through your mind.
34. ..When at a competition your ipod has your dance music playing and you are still doing small arm and hand movements.
35. ..You own more makeup than most members in your homeroom class at school will ever own.
36. You can DO your make up, squeeze into your skinnys, throw on aT shirt, straighten your hair, AND put your entire back pack together in a matter of ten minutes.
37. Your toes are covered in blisters/calluses
38. A Grocery Store isle is a perfect place to try out a leap
39.You buy it because it says “dance” on
40. You’ve done so many headstands that every once in a while, the top of your head peels profusely.
41. You wake up on Sundays wishing you had practice.
42. Your friends complain that you ‘have a dance to every song…’
43. You’ve fought with the cheerleaders over which sport is ‘harder’

44. Gotten made fun of by classmates for your makeup.
45. ‘A-ten-Hut!’ is just as effective as ‘SHUT UP!!’
46. You know exactly which sickness you’ll get next, due to another team member catching it, then another, and another. . . .
47. You have a mental alarm clock set at 5 am that wakes you up on your one day to sleep in
48. You can function perfectly fine on 3 hours of sleep
49.You spend more time with your team than with your actual family
50. You practically live out of your car.
51. You consider your coach as your second ‘mom’ and teammates as ‘sisters.’
52. Your lucky number(s) is/are based on your try-out numbers.
53. You could speak perfectly fluent in French, even though you’ve never taken a class. . .
54. You can do a solid triple on multiple surfaces.
55. You have a ‘bad turn day’ instead of a bad air day.

56. You often wear your hear on the top of your head in a bun to places other than practice.
57. You’ve heard more motivational quotes in the last couple(1,2,3,4) years than you have in your entire lifetime.
58. You’re always in a rush/hurry.
59. You can’t remember the last time you wore jeans to school.
60. You never want to leave!!

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