November 30, 2011

i find it very interesting that the person who can shatter your heart in pieces, can also be the same person who puts it all back together again.  i believe in this thing called love, and i don't want to let it go.  right now might not be the right "time" according to some people, but i think with that one, i would have to disagree.  he found me at the perfect time.  he came into my life at a time when i truly needed to have renewed faith in people.  he taught me to trust again.  he taught me what is beautiful about me.  there are so many other reasons why i need him in my life still.  so many reasons why i shouldn't let him go.  i know that he has his reasons, and that things must obvioulsy change even more.  and as much as i would like to fight that, i won't.  because i only ever want to be everything that is good for him.  and right now, that isn't a girlfriend.  it isn't his lover, or the girl he is dating either.  it is his friend.  solely and truly his friend.  will this last forever?  if for the rest of my life, tanner scott eastmond only needs me as his friend, then that is what i will be.  i just want to give him everything i can.  i have to wait 3 years to find out if we can ever work, but that doesn't seem so bad when you really think about it.  no, not so bad at all.  i only hope he will wait for me too.

not all good things have to come to an end.

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