November 2, 2011

so, i have been single for about 4 days now, (sigh...) and already i hate the single world.
what makes guys think they can just treat women like they are a piece of meat?
i know their mothers raised them better than that.
 regardless of how they were raised though, they never change. like seriously guys? grow up.

you are an RM for crying out loud.
don't talk to me only when i don't have a boyfriend
just because now you might actually have a use for me.

and you. first of all, you are a friend of his.
that is SO disloyal.
secondly, friends with benefits, seriously?
what in your mind made you think that i would be okay with that?
well sorry, no.

i guess i have just had the absolute best for so long i have forgotten what it's like to be in the real world. i like relationships for this reason. or rather, i liked my last relationship for that reason. he was always so good to me, and respectful. he taught me what i deserve, and what i am worth, and he will always treat me that way. he doesn't see me as a piece of ass on display. which is how it should be.

i was right when i told myself i am not ready to date again. first of all, i hate it. second of all, boys are scum. except for one that is. as for the rest of you, a serious lesson on respect needs to be learned. don't talk to me if you are just interested in "gettin some", because that is not who i am.

-sincerly frustrated.

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