November 9, 2011

so, i was cooking dinner at my apartment the other night (i know, shocking right?) and i had this beautiful vision form in my head. i couldn't get it out of my mind the whole night, and it is still lingering on the tips of every thought i've had since....

 all i could picture was what it would be like when i was cooking dinner for two. in a cheap, run-down, one bedroom apartment that is barely able to fit a couch in the living room. i would have it decorated for the holidays and looking as sweet as i could possibly get it. the counters would be scrubbed and the towels would all match. everything would be in it's place. there would be candles lit on the small plastic fold-down table we pass as a dining room set. the whole house would smell like pasta noodles mixed with scentsy candles. my husband would walk in the front door and cry out "honey, i'm home!". he would find me dressed in my red and white apron, leaning over the tiny table making sure that everything looked just right; i just want to prove that i can be a good little homemaker. he would snake his arms around my waist and pull me in as close as he could. his lips would meet my cheek and then he would whisper how wonderful i looked and how much he missed me. i would giggle in response, and turn around to kiss him. we would sit down together at our miniscule table set for two and enjoy a meal together; talking all about his work, my school, our families, and the crazy old woman who lives beneath us who's cat had once again tried to make our home his sanctuary. it would be a sight to behold from someone on the outside looking in. all sweetness and innocence and the picture of what it truly means to be happy. we would then wash all of our dishes by hand because of course we have no dishwasher. we laugh, and we joke, splashing water and bubbles all over the other. after all the dirty work had been done, we would sit comfortably on our couch, sipping hot cocoa and flipping through channels to find something worthy of watching on our small t.v. which features only a few channels. we would stay up late talking about the future we have to share together; bills, jobs, even children. we would remind the other why we love them so much, and spend the rest of the evening with smiles on our faces and tenderness in our hearts. the night would end in scripture study together and giving thanks to our God for all his goodness. then, for the first time in our lives we could fall asleep in each other's arms, dreaming of what other magnificent days lay in store for the two of us. and there we would stay, until the sun awakens and brings us, once again, the light of a brand new day.

i can't wait. <3

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Cass said...

I wish I could describe it as beautifully as you did. Maybe one day I'll see it like that. :) You give me hope.