November 21, 2011

so this morning ay 6:04 a.m. i was awakened by the sound of my obnoxious ringtone.
i looked at my phone and it was from a number i didn't know, but i knew exactly who it was.

me: "courtney!"
her: "caitlin? hi! i can't talk for very long because my time is almost up. but how are you?"
me:"good now! how are you?"
her:"good. anxious. but i love you."
me: "i love you too! julie say hi!."
julie: "hi courtney!"
her: "hi julie! hey caitie i gotta go, but i love you okay? be good alright?"
me: "okay. i love you too! thanks for calling. be safe and good luck!"
her."thanks. i love you. bye!"

the greatest 45 seconds, ever. another month until we get to hear that voice again.
we love you sister thomas,
good luck in Chicago.

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