November 11, 2011

ten. favorite places to be.
1. my home
2. my bedroom
3. cassady's apartment
4. the library
5. the temple
6. an empty floor with a stereo near by.
7. disneyland.
8. with people who care for me.
9. bookstore.
10. anywhere with that one boy.

nine. weird things about me.
1. i'm socially handicapped sometimes.
2. glitter is my favorite color.
3. i jam out to my music in public.
4. i enjoy reading.
5. i'm isolophobic.
6. i am a harry potter fan.
7. and star wars.
8. and lord of the rings.
9. i love to learn.

eight. things i'm going to do this summer.
1. be with my family.
2. get tan.
3. stay in shape.
4. watch tanner leave for his mission.
5. write tanner.
6. most likely go to some friend's weddings.
7. eat without counting every calorie.
8. remember to smile.

seven. things i'm thinking of.
1. my homework.
2. my grades.
3. my future wedding.
4. my friend's leaving.
5. calling cassady soon.
6. that one boy who is back home.
7. this blog post of course.

six. things i'm wearing.
1. white lacy shirt.
2. gray short sleeve shirt.
3. purple flowy top.
4. jeans.
5. black boots.
6. jewelry and unders.

five. things i'm worried about.
1. my family.
2. my math test.
3. my sociology paper.
4. my love.
5. my future.

four. things on my floor.
1. purse.
2. fan.
3. socks.
4. carpet.

three. things i want to do today.
1. get homework done.
2. have some girl time.
3. find something new to do in ephraim.

two. things i'm willing to reveal.
1. i'm nervous for the future.
2. i have slept with his blanket every night since i got it.

one. secret.
1. i secretly hope that he will come back to me.

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