December 1, 2011

today starts the official countdown for the 25 days of christmas(:
and with the magic of christmas, came a little magic right here in ephraim.
i woke up this morning with inches of fresh, white, beautiful, powdery snow outside my apartment.
i usually don't like snow, but i LOVE it during christmas time.
this is probably my favorite time of the year. the feeling is so peaceful, and yet their is such an air of happiness about it. the decorating, the cooking, the laughing, being with family, it is all so exciting. plus, some of the best music ever comes around this time. (so, i have made a temporary christmas playlist. don't fret, my old one will be back soon enough) but all in all, i love how we have an entire month devoted to remembering Christ. don't mock me with posting this one readers. i truly love this time of year. call me cliche, but i just do. so here is to the first official day of the christmas countdown. enjoy the season everybody!

what we all woke up to this morning!

the christmas tree in mine and julie's room!

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