December 7, 2011

it's that thing that you feel deep in the pit of your stomach.

that thing that keeps you coming back for more.
the thing that people never admit to.
the thing that makes you angry when it surfaces.
the reason some feel inferior.
the reason why some FB stalk.
the reason some put others down.
the thing that tears relationships apart.
the thing that you are always told to avoid.
the thing that makes others judge too quickly.
the thing that makes good people do bad things.
the thing that people look down at you for showing.
the reason boys think girls are dramatic.
the thing girls just want boys to understand.
the thing that turns gentle people into animals.
the thing that you can't just talk about.
the thing that can make you cry.
the reason some people do crazy things.
the thing that isn't always the other person's fault.
the thing that can be completely their fault.
the reason why some never love.

that one thing that happens when i see posts on some lame social network wall.
whatever blondie.

i should unplug for good.
then i could avoid it completely.
it isn't healthy.

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