December 18, 2011

so, i must say that finishing a semester at college and coming out with all a's (at least so far)
is very rewarding. i feel like i actually accomplished something that mattered.
something that is going to get me somewhere in life.
plus, it ended just in time for my favorite time of year to come around.
how fantastic!

i feel like i have learned so much since i first began.
and changed so much.
i still have a very long way to go by far,
but at least i can begin to see myself form into something that matters and than can make a change.
i will spread change. good change. happy change.
i have dreams and goals that i intend upon making a reality.
and with my feet headed in this direction it is all starting to come true.

it feels really kind of spectacular to begin on the pathway to the rest of your life.
your dreams, goals, and future aspects.
really, very, spectacular.

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