December 24, 2011

sometimes i wish i could help those old friends i care about so much.
sometimes i wish they would still confide in me.
i always wish i hadn't caused them so much pain at one time.

i wish i could help them the way i used to.
and be there the way i used to.

i kind of miss being his best friend.
i wish he didn't seem so far away.

he has so much potential.
i only hope he still remembers that.

there are alot of things i regret and alot of people i should not have let go.
as it is though, my life is on a better track.
it is sad to look back sometimes though and see all those people who used to be your whole world,
slowly slip out of your hands.

i dunno. maybe it's just me.

i love what i have right now, more than anything.
i wouldn't trade it for the world.
but, i still wish there was more i could do.
and i know there was more i could have done.
yet, here i am. waiting. and always there for a friend if they ever need to talk.

merry christmas eve everybody. (:

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