December 29, 2011

this feels like an urban dictionary moment;

Irish meaning pure.
1) Caitlin's are usually brunette with gorgeous eyes and are extremely beautiful. They are always seen dancing. they are almost always laughing or smiling and are generally happy if not for themselves, for others. Can be a little strange sometimes but in an amazing way that makes you think, 'why can't I just let go and act like her?'

Obsessed with reading and is extremely loyal to her friends and family.

2) A girl often so amazing that no boy will ever deserve her. She is often caught smiling and dancing in the halls, in addition to being beautiful inside and out.

"Who is that beautiful girl? Oh, that's definitely a Caitlin."

sometimes it's okay to read these to get a little confidence booster right? (; hahaha some parts are pretty accurate though. creepy? perhaps. but at least it reminds me that i am meant to be nobody but who i am. i was made in such a way, and nobody who truly loves me would ask me to change myself, only improve who i already am. something that every person should remember, everyone. isn't it funny what even urban dictionary can teach you? truly.

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