December 12, 2011

you know he is special when,

he will always pick you up when you ask him for a ride.
he will constantly state his concern for your well being.
he will scratch your back when you have a tummy ache.
he will hold you while your in pain.
he will stay around to help you when you puke.
he will brush your hair because it makes you feel better.
he will watch a chick flick with you because you like them.
he will still kiss you even when you are gross and sick.
he will let you sleep in his arms.
he will offer to make you soup, get you water, more blankets, or anything else you might need.
he will panic at the sight of physical issues you are having.
he will waste his whole sunday afternoon just to take care of you.
he will support you through anything.

man. he is such an amazing guy. thank you.

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