December 5, 2011

i am obviously super bored....

[ZERO] Your ex texted you and wanted you back, would you take them back?
yess, because i am still in love with him.
[ONE] Has anyone told you “Forever and ever” then left?
yeah, boy was he a mistake.
[TWO] Your relationship status?
single. and sad. but content.
[THREE] Where did you meet your crush(s)?
he went to high school with me. i first met him in my sophomore english class.
[FOUR] Have you ever lost a close friend?
many. people mean too much to me, and i too little to them.
[FIVE] Do you smoke weed regularly?
bleckkk. no way.
[SIX] Think back to the beginning of 2011, are you still dating the same person?
no. well kinda. but not really. still love him though.
[SEVEN] Would your parents be mad if you were in a relationship?
nahh. they let me live my life. i am 18 for crying out loud.
[EIGHT] When was the last time you really laughed?
sunday. at kristi askew.
[NINE] Something’s wrong, first guy you turn too?
tanner scott eastmond of course.
he seems to be alot of answers to these questions.
[TEN] First girl you’d go too?
cassady, courtney, julie. and also my mom.
[ELEVEN] Is there anyone who doesn’t like you because of something you did?
guarantee it.
[TWELVE] Angry at anyone?
i try to avoid getting angry.
[THIRTEEN] What’s stopping you from going for the person you like?
[FOURTEEN] Last time you cried really hard?
friday night.
[FIFTEEN] Is there anyone you would do anything for?
i would die for them.
[SEVENTEEN] Who was the last person you talked to for more than 10 mins on the phone?
tanner scott eastmond. again. haha
[EIGHTEEN] What is your favorite song?
right now? the scientist, by coldplay.
[NINETEEN] Do you like Red Bull?
blehh. hate energy drinks.
[TWENTY] How many people can you tell just about everything to?
my family. tanner. cassady. courtney. julie.
[TWENTY-ONE] Have you ever wished on a shooting star?
i have. many times.
[TWENTY-TWO] Does the last person you held hands with mean something to you?
he means everything to me. i mean that literally.
[TWENTY-FOUR] Describe yourself in one word?
technically that is three words but whatever.
[TWENTY-FIVE] Do you have anything that belongs to your ex?
jacket. blanket. book of mormon.
love them all.
[TWENTY SIX] Can you honestly say you’ve had a sleepover with the opposite gender?
haha nope.
[TWENTY-SEVEN] Do you rebound?
i have before. but i try not to now.
[TWENTY-EIGHT] Ever cheated on someone?
those who cheat are scum.
[TWENTY-NINE] What would you do if you found out the person you like was in a relationship?
furious. i would cry and scream. and try to hate him.

but i wouldn't. my heart would only break.
[THIRTY] Do you act differently around the person you like?
nope. that what is so great about it.
[THIRTY-ONE] Honestly, what guy’s number do you have memorized?
uhhhh. 801-822-4619

i did that without my phone, (:
[THIRTY-TWO] Is it hard to make you laugh?
no, hahaha
[THIRTY-THREE] Who was the last person to make you mad?
the same person who made me smile last.
[THIRTY-FOUR] Do you think your last ex will eventually want to be with you again?
eventually. if everything works out the way we want it to.

i hope.
[THIRTY-FIVE] Have you ever fallen asleep in someone’s arms?
greatest feeling ever. he is so tender and gentle.
[THIRTY-SIX] Has anyone ever called you “scrumptious” before?
i hope not. but i wouldn't put it past some guys.
[THIRTY-SEVEN] Would you like to put a night on repeat, and live it forever?
there are many i wish i could.
[THIRTY-EIGHT] Do you have a best friend that knows you inside and out?
yess. he knows everything there is to know about me, literaly.
[THIRTY-NINE] Is your best friend a slut?
no, in fact, just the opposite.
[FORTY] Is hard drugs a turn off?
gross. to me, they are. a huge one.
[FORTY-ONE] Are you happy with life right now?
life would be really hard if i wasn't right?
[FORTY-THREE] Are you still in love with your ex??
yess. incredibly and completely.
[FORTY-FOUR] Have you ever been the “other person” in a relationship?
in my eyes, no. i was the ONLY girl.
but in the other girls eyes, i probably was.
[FORTY-FIVE] Have you ever had your heart broken?
yess. a number of times.
and not just by boyfriends. but also by friends.
[FORTY-SIX] Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
i'm sure. on accident.
[FORTY-SEVEN] Is there anybody you’re really disappointed in?
no, of course not.
[FORTY-EIGHT] Where is your best friend?
he isn't talking to me, so i don't know.
cassday is at home.
boss is at SUU.
courtney michelle is in Chicago.
julie is in the kitchen making me macaroni.