January 23, 2012

100 Things

100 Reasons Caitlin Elizabeth Thomas is the most wonderful girl in the world!

1.      She is super smart.

2.      She is service oriented.

3.      She loves little kids.

4.      She is the most beautiful girl in the world.

5.      She is selfless and always cares for others over herself.

6.      She always makes me smile.

7.      She has a wonderful, unique sense of humor just like mine.

8.      She has dazzling eyes that are full of love and the Spirit.

9.      She has a super contagious smile.

10.  She cares about her family so much.

11.  She works harder than most people can even dream of.

12.  She is a beautiful, talented dancer.

13.  She knows how to have a lot of fun.

14.  She is righteous and loves the Lord.

15.  She loves me for who I am.

16.  She is fiercely loyal.

17.  She is the best friend anyone could ask for.

18.  She is super good to my sister Megan.

19.  She will stand up for anyone who needs a friend.

20.  She always knows how to make someone feel good about themselves.

21.  She is a wonderful writer.

22.  She can hold her own in any argument.

23.  She has good, strong opinions on many things.

24.  She will do what is best for someone else, even at her own expense.

25.  She is athletic.

26.  She is a fighter and can deal with more difficult things than almost anyone.

27.  She wants to be a mother someday.

28.  She is always thoughtful.

29.  She reads a lot.

30.  She wants me to serve the Lord and pushes me towards a mission every day.

31.  She is a happy person.

32.  She loves making other people happy.

33.  She knows how to give fantastic gifts and loves giving them.

34.  She is very humble.

35.  She always does sweet things for me.

36.  She always says very nice things to me.

37.  She listens and takes council from people.

38.  She never lies.

39.  She respects her parents.

40.  She respects my parents.

41.  She looks past my many flaws.

42.  She can always find the best in people.

43.  She knows when to be serious.

44.  She knows when to joke around.

45.  She likes learning.

46.  She is ambitious.

47.  She is a nerd;)

48.  She likes that I am a nerd;)

49.  She knows when it is best to argue and when it is best to back down.

50.  She is a great kisser;)

51.  She is willing to hang with me and all of my guy friends.

52.  I can trust her completely.

53.  She always gives everything the best she can.

54.  She has kept me around for a long time.

55.  She lets me take her on dates.

56.  She is a very traditional girl and lets me try to be a gentleman.

57.  She supported me in almost all of my wrestling matches.

58.  She is righteous and always striving to do better.

59.  She is disciplined.

60.  She knows how to handle success gracefully.

61.  She knows how to handle failure gracefully.

62.  She has a bright future ahead of her.

63.  She always can handle one more thing on her plate.

64.  She never says anything hurtful to anyone.

65.  She sings beautifully.

66.  She is not too emotional.

67.  She is willing to show her emotions.

68.  She is not worried to look goofy in public.

69.  She knows how to take care of me.

70.  She is not embarrassed to be herself.

71.  She is very genuine.

72.  She loves to perform.

73.  She has plans for her future.

74.  She wants to serve the Lord on a mission.

75.  She is a great leader.

76.  She is not afraid to laugh at herself.

77.  She understands and enjoys football.

78.  She is not judgmental.

79.  She can relate to anyone and sympathize with them.

80.  She is a tease.

81.  She can take a lot of teasing.

82.  She never takes me too seriously.

83.  She is the first one to offer her help when it is needed.

84.  She doesn’t ever think too much of herself.

85.  She never gives up on anyone.

86.  She is a great listener.

87.  She can talk to anyone.

88.  She dresses uniquely and well.

89.  She communicates what she is saying very well.

90.  She understands any situation well.

91.  She will be a great homemaker someday.

92.  She supports me in everything.

93.  She is frugal with her money.

94.  She is loving.

95.  She thinks I am a great guy.

96.  She helps me to be better.

97.  She is kind to her siblings.

98.  She is willing to wait for me, even when I don’t ask her to.

99.  She is a good public speaker.

100.                      I love her;)

Call me a sappy romantic or whatever you want;) i just though everyone should see this one too!
Love, your friendly neighborhood blog hacker;)


Court said...

you two are the freaking cutest. i love you guys a whole lot and miss you both. thanks for being such good friends to me. i hope school, life, work and everything else is going well for you guys! please call me sometime (: i would love to hear everything!

oh and i agree with everything on this list. okay. ALMOST everything... i wouldn't know about the kissing, or having a sister named megan and all that great stuff. but she is freaking amazing, and my best friend, whom i miss and should come visit me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks court;) I miss you too! Hopefully everything is going well for you!

glitter girl. said...

boss I love you! soo much. we need to hang over spring break!! and tanner, you are adorable. completely.
I love you :)