January 15, 2012

2) a picture of your family, are you close to them yes or no?

the answer is yes, i am close to my family.
i love them so much.
we are crazy, loud, immature, messy, and even at times obnoxious. (okay, most times)
but i would not ask for anything different.
they are my perfect little imperfect unit.
and together we can do anything.


Tanner said...

Hey guess what? ;) I made it into one of these pictures! haha I am in the one where your dad and his brothers came and sang to you on your birthday!
Love, Tanner

glitter girl. said...

i thought about putting a picture of us on there and saying something about my future family.... but then i decided to keep that between me and you (:just so you know.

Tanner said...

Haha that is probably for the best;) someday love;)