January 18, 2012

4) write a paragraph to somebody. it can be anyone, even if you don't know them yet.
my dear future husband,
so, even though i do not know who you may exactly be just yet, i feel like i have my hopes. i want to thank you for making the decision to marry me. still to this day i have this huge fear that i will spend my entire life alone, but i know that because of you that will never happen. i hope that you marry me in the temple, in my most favorite temple. i hope that we are sealed for eternity, and can be in love for eternity. thank you for looking past all my flaws and somehow falling in love with me. i don't know how you managed to do it, since my flaws are plain to see and hard to deal with. i know that i am highly emotional, have issues with jealousy, and don't hide things very easily, but yet there was some part of you that will look deeper than all of that and find somebody who is plainly searching for romance and affection. i hope that you will give me children, and raise them with me in the gospel with the priesthood power in our home. i hope that even when you are upset with me, you will talk through things and you won't let me shut down. i hope that you will understand me, and know exactly what i need on a bad day. i hope i can tell you everything, and you can tell me everything and that we have a mutual trust that can never be broken. i hope you are a returned missionary who served a full time, fervent mission. i hope that you can share all of your missionary stories with our children and that they will in turn want to serve a mission. i hope that you can be a hero in their eyes and be somebody they can emulate. yet, i hope that together we can show them love and kindness and raise them to be good, successful, happy people. i hope that we can grow old together and learn how to play cards. i hope that we can go together on a couple mission, and serve the Lord in that way. i hope that in every stage of our marriage we can laugh all the time. i hope we can sit on our couch and talk about books, and movies, and discuss our favorite memories. i hope the romance never dies away. i hope that you can be patient with me whenever i do something stupid or get angry over ridiculous things. i hope you will calm me down when i get upset or frustrated. i hope that you will eat my gross cooking and support me as i learn to be a talented homemaker. i hope you will help me to stay my very best, and i for you. i hope you will dance with me under the stars. i hope you will kiss me until the sun comes up again, and mean it. i hope you can always tell me i am beautiful, even when i am suffering from illness. i hope you can give me back massages. i hope that i can make you happy, and that you will let me serve you with all that i have. i hope that you will let me send you cute packages to work, and not get embarrassed by it. i hope that you will let me surprise you. i hope that you will let me support you in every decision you make. i hope that we can always remember to say 'i love you' before we go to bed at night. i hope we are happy. i hope i find you. and i hope that i treat you well. i hope that i can become the woman of your dreams. and you, the man of mine.

with all my love,


Tanner said...

The man you marry someday will be an extremely lucky man;)

Courtney Thomas said...

i hope that the man that i marry is one person you know really really well......