January 30, 2012

it kinda stinks when your 15 day challenge is completed and then you feel like you have nothing to blog about. actually, not kinda, it really stinks. now i am forced into being creative. haha GREAT. so not my favorite thing in the world.

this week is super busy for me. i have three tests, and a project due. drill team every morning where we are in the process of getting a routine competition ready for our performance at drill team state on saturday. woo, go badgerettes. i am going on three straight weeks in ephraim, which hasn't been too bad but i do miss my family and my man back home desperately. i can't wait to see them this weekend. i will be skipping class for the first time on friday to come watch my pionettes perform at their state competition. i cannot wait to see them either. i hope they do so good. after that my sweet guy is taking me out for a big valentines day date. it is about two weeks early, but that is because he most likely will not see me until long after valentines day so we are doing it this weekend. he has something all planned and i am so excited. i am excited not only to see him, but also to see what he has come up with. i really do love when he plans surprise dates, as much as i say i don't. after all of that i will be spending sunday with my beloved family. SUPERBOWL. i really am so excited. although i am not really a fan of either team playing this year, i would still love to see the partriots lose. they win all the time. booo. i am all for the underdog. so i guess that means i am cheering for the giants. ALL HAIL THE NEW YORK GIANTS. i am pleading for the weekend to come fast. the anticipation for it all is literally killing me right now. although, it is a nice feeling to have something great to look forward to, don't you think?
i think so.
come on weekend, don't be shy.
i love this picture.
photobucket, you are so cool.

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