January 23, 2012

so, i really need to apologize, and sometimes the best way to do it is through kind words. hopefully this helps;

fifty reasons i love tannerscotteastmond!
1. he has a great smile that can light up any girls face,
2. he shows respect to all girls, which really is a good thing,
3. he makes me laugh at the most unexpected times.
4. he listens to me always, even when i am completely stupid,
5. sometimes, he sends me cute texts, (:
6. he has this way he says "you're cute" that makes my heart flutter,
7. he massages my back whenever i want,
8. sometimes, he plans great surprises,
9. he always buys me taco amigo,
10. he travels down to ephraim to watch me dance,
11. he will watch chick flicks with me just cause i love them,
12. he is always a good example,
13. he thinks he is the best thing in the whole world, and it's kinda cute (;,
14. my mom likes him,
15. his mom likes him,
16. he's got rockin muscles,
17. he is very gentle with me at all times,
18. when i am sad, he's sad,
19. he reads this blog everyday,
20. he thinks i'm pretty,
21. he drives me around all the time,
22. he has stuck around for a long time,
23. he gives me kisses on my cheek,
24. i like the way he looks at my eyes,
25. i like the way he says "i love you" most nights before i fall asleep, 
26. or how he sends it to me to wake up to,
27. i like the way his hair looks when it's long,
28. he is very smart and wins arguments alot,
29. he appreciates my competitive drive,
30. he has never asked me to change,
31. he likes to take me on dates,
32. he opens my door,
33. he will bring me flowers when i am sad,
35. he laughs at all my dumb jokes,
36. he always finds a way to compliment me,
37. he is sincere,
38. lots of other girls enjoy his company, 
39. he is not jealous,
40. he never raises his voice at me or calls me names,
41. he is fiercely loyal,
42. he makes yummy cookies,
43. he is a nerd,
44. he reads books like i do,
45. he likes the gospel,
46. he's got priesthood power,
47. i like how he pushes my hair out of my face, 
48. i like his hugs,
49.his face is cute,
50. he is my best friend.
i feel so much better now. next time you are upset or frustrated, just try writing nice things to someone, it makes you feel all warm inside.
goodnight everybody!

-shine on,
glitter girl.

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