January 27, 2012

so yesterday, i felt like quitting my 15 day challenge. actually, i felt like quitting a lot of things.
i have someone though who is very dear to me that told me that he wanted to see me finish my 15 day challenge. so, with finishing my 15 day challenge i am proving that giving up will not get you anywhere. not with this, or with anything else. thank you, dearest reader, for reminding me of that. so here it goes....

13) where do you see yourself in the next year?
in exactly 365 days from now i will be in my last semester at snow college. i hope to still have my full ride scholarship and have maintained the GPA necessary to transfer either to BYU or the U of U. (weird contrast i know..) my main man will be out on a mission somewhere around the world serving faithfully. i hope to be writing him and sharing that experience with him. it will be hard, i know, but i want to do that for him. also, my sister will be three months away from returning back home to Utah after serving a dutiful mission in chicago. i will be making plans for us to hopefully move in together somewhere when she gets home. hopefully i will still be dancing on the badgerettes drill team, and trying to juggle a job in there somewhere. my goal is to have saved some money by this point; enough to buy my own car. my plan is to take summer classes at whatever university i decide to transfer to, and hopefully apply for an internship with 'make a wish'. in 365 days from now i will be approaching the end of my last year as a teen, and will have to face the 20th birthday. i will start thinking about a solid career and begin seeing my life in a much wider view. well, at least that's the goal right? this sounds like a pretty average future for a girl my age. i don't seem to be too unique. i hope though that i am happy, content, and doing my best to create a successful future for myself, but then again, who knows what time may bring. there is not a single soul on this earth that can predict exactly what life will be like in 365 days. or even in 24 hours. time is a funny thing really. one of the greatest mysteries of mankind. so, i shall keep moving on, in hopes that my future will have something fantastic to bring me.

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