January 8, 2012

welcome back to ephraim and to a brand new semester of school. it feels good to be back, in a bittersweet sort of way. i am currently sitting on my bed watching julie to struggle to fit all of new her clothes back in our closet. i could offer to help, but i am just not that great of a roommate. (; haha but i do love her. i have missed her very dearly. also, i haven't seen cassady in FOREVER, along with any other drill team girls. i have realized that i really have made friends down here. wow, what a shocking thought. i have been thinking though, there is still a part of me back home in lehi, utah. a part of me that nobody down here will ever know. i can't help myself. there are just certain people that will always have my heart back home. my family, of course. they are great people. we have our own little set of problems, and we sometimes act like we want the other to dissaperate from this planet, but deep down, we love each other. my parents are, and always have been some of the greatest people i know. i love them with all my heart. and the next person back home that i miss is my best friend, the love of my 18 year old life, tanner eastmond. that boy makes me feel like i can fly. he gives so much to me, and takes such great care of me. life would not be the same without him in my life. everytime i leave him my heart aches. it wishes with such longing to just be with him. it knows though, life, for now, must take its course. i have to live my life, and he has to live his, and when time gives us time together we embrace to our fullest capabilities. that part of me though, is still with him. it always will be. whether he knowingly takes it or not, i could never take it back. the others, are my friends. those that i never got a chance to see at all, or very little. people that are constantly crossing through the twines of my childish dreams. those people i will always miss. i am excited to be here though, in tiny surprising ephraim. i succeeded and met all of my goals last semester, so maybe i can do that again. it has done immense things for my confidence. now, i catch myself believing that i can be smart. that i can accomplish something. that i can someday make a change in the life of even just one individual. isn't that a magnificent thought? being down here has also brought me alot closer to my savior. having to make the conscious decision every week to attend church, to read the book of mormon every night, and to pray day and night and even in between has really strengthed my faith. if i choose to do it, i feel like i am proving myself so much more. and that is also a magnificent feeling. to feel the love, and the approval of my savior; i can't think of anything better. (: who would have thought i would get all of that out of being down at snow college. i guess i will have to wait and see what this semester brings me.
bedtime. i have drill at 6 in the a.m.
remember to pray! (;
-shine on,
glitter girl

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