February 5, 2012

alright. so i have come up with a new plan. every sunday i am going to start a new tradition. i think that doing so will help my attitude stay right where it needs to be. i have been contemplating on what i would want to post up every sunday, and yet i could not draw any good conclusions. then a thought popped into my mind today as i was reading my scriptures, and then again while listening to my relief society lesson.
what do you do in your life to recognize and remember god's kindnesses?
truly, what do you do? well, i want to better show how grateful i am for the magnificent blessings i have been given. most people would do this by keeping a journal of some sort, but although i love to write, i suck at keeping a journal. SUCK. so, i am going to post it up on here instead. if you don't want to read it, don't. but, maybe this could help somebody. but if not, it will help me. and hopefully teach me a lesson or two. 

#1. so, there are so many great kindnesses that i see in my life everyday. this weekend in particular though was my amazing family and friends. it felt so great to come home and see everyone after being away for so long. i think that at times i take for granted the people that i have been blessed with. i forget how much they do for me, and how scattered my life would be if their presence was taken away from me. i have had a very long month and things have been hard. i come home though, and there they are. all of them. their beautiful, shining faces looking right at me and shooting me with a dose of life. they remind me why it is so important to smile everyday, and why i need to keep moving forward. my parents know my potential and know that i can achieve that. my siblings look up to me, and want to emulate who i am. and my tanner, well he just knows how to make every wrong thing disappear. on top of that, i have great friends who always know what to say. courtney boss left such a sweet and powerful comment for me to read. i don't even knows how badly i needed to hear those words. she is so amazing. and then of course there is a mysterious anonymous commenter that pointed out some things that i really needed reminding of.  i needed all of those things this weekend and i am so glad that i had the opportunity to go home and visit with my loved ones. all of them. it was needed. i love them all so much, and with all my heart. it truly amazes me how the Lord can perform such small miracles for each of his individual children. he cares about every single person that walks or has ever walked on this earth. i know that, with all my heart. i can't wait to report back next sunday on what amazing things he puts into my path this coming week.

-shine on,
glitter girl

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