February 12, 2012

hannah colleen thomas.
isn't that a pretty girl right there? wow, just stunning. i am here to tell you all though, that hannah is so much more than just a pretty face. anyone who is blessed enough to know her the way i do can agree with me on this. i have never met one so strong in my entire life. never have i met a girl that has already faced the world at only 14, and conquered it with courage. when i think of this girl, i think of strength. don't mess with this girl right here, because she will fight back. she doesn't take anyone's crap. this does not make her mean though, because hannah is so kind. she roots for the underdog because she knows what it feels like to sit alone at lunch, or to be mocked on every level. hannah would never do that to someone and she has this amazing talent of sharing her light with those around her, and making the downtrodden feel strong. although there are plenty of people out there who have tried to tell hannah how she should define herself, she has never given them a second thought. she knows who she is, what she wants, what she stands for, and what she will do to get there. she has this brilliant fire, and for those who have tried or ever will try to diminish it- shame on you. the only reason somebody would try to slow this girl down would solely be because they are jealous of the amazing talents she possesses. and i want her to remember that. she needs to know that one small human's perception of who she is or what she is capable of means nothing. someday those individuals who have slowed her down or told her she wasn't good enough will be sorry. they will be kissing her feet for crying out loud. because someone as beautiful, strong, and talented as hannah thomas is destined for nothing but greatness. you are my little sister hannah, and i have been given the responsibility of being your elder sister. with that responsibility it is my job to make sure that you believe everything that i have stated here. every last word. read this over and over if you have to; read it every single day. read it until your eyes bleed and your soul internalizes the words being written right now. because every single one of them is true. don't believe me? ask someone that matters then, they will only back me up. those who would belittle you do not matter.  believe in yourself babygirl, and know that you can do anything. i know it, god knows it, and those who see you everyday know it. so stand up tall and smile, because you sure do have a lot to live for and lot of good to accomplish. and always remember, you are my hero.

-shine on,
glitter girl.

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