February 19, 2012

I stumbled upon your blog the other day and you are very insightful! I have enjoyed reading it, you are an intelligent writer. You put a lot of faith and trust in God, and maybe this is an act of God. Maybe he wanted you to see what your friend was going through, so that you could forgive her one day. Just a thought,

anonymous reader.

sometimes, anonymous readers frustrate me. not that what they said frustrated me, in fact it was very kind of them! but, i wish i knew who they were so that i could thank them. little things like these make me happy. it is nice to know when people read what you have to say, and then comment on it. so i wanted to give a shout out to this reader, whoever they may be. hopefully they keep commenting. :D haha


Cameron said...

from a ex. anon.,
it is much funner to post anon,
because what we say isn't then filtered through your past knowledge of us, everything we say is taken as purely as if you had come up with the idea yourself,

glitter girl. said...

too bad i can pick your voice apart whether you are anonymous or not (: