February 28, 2012

it seems that lately, i have been off course. i ventured somewhere, down a seemingly innocent path. somewhere i had never been before, somewhere new and fresh. the longer i traveled down there though, i realized i felt scared. i was all alone on this path. it was dark, and my candle was beginning to burn out. all the voices and sounds i had once heard on my previous path, were nonexistent. and the only thing i could think about was myself, because that was all i could see. i complained, and cried over things that i had initially done to myself. how had i gotten so lost? somewhere along my adventure through life, i found myself somewhere i didn't want to be. somewhere dangerous and lonely and selfish. so selfish. 

luckily, i do sometimes practice what i preach. with the help of my loved one, and a higher power from above, i found some sparkle in me yet. something inside of me that shines. something that makes me see the world through clearer, blue-green eyes.  i no longer need my small candle to walk on this path, for my very own glimmer will get me through. it is something i lost touch with for a small second, but it is back once again.

i want you, all of you, to remember this lesson. there is no harm in seeing that light inside of yourself, the one that makes you special. the sparkle in your eye that tells the worlds who you are and what you stand for. that sheen to your complexion that makes you glow in a way that shows those around you that you are pure and strong. we all have a special glow inside of us, a burning shine that is begging to breakthrough. don't let it fade somewhere down the road. don't ever have doubt that the light inside of you is not real. it is so real, and it is beaming. the only one holding you back from showing that, is yourself.  for a second i think i feared that light, i think i let it scare me. i ran away from it. but, i am here to tell you that there is never, ever a moment in your life when running is the answer. you cannot run away from yourself and your mission here on earth. you can never fully get away from your past and your mistakes. so why waste your precious breaths on trying? instead, take your flaws and your regrets and turn them into something powerful. let them teach you, let them show you what they have to say. but, never let them influence the value you see in yourself. we all mess up sometimes, and we all have our fair share of weaknesses to overcome. but those are not any sort of representation of who we are. remember that shine, that glitter that pulses through your veins. don't hide it, let it be a light to the world. whether you are a boy or a girl, black or white, religious or not, right handed or left, remember this principal. let it guide you through life's challenges. let it give you the confidence to face whatever adversary might come your way. believe in it. and never forget to keep shining. 

-shine on,
glitter girl.

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