February 20, 2012

so, i have this problem.
actually, i have alot of problems but this one seems to keep dragging on my mind.
first of all, i can't seem to quit making the same stupid mistakes over and over again.
how many times should it take an average human to learn?
how many times until the mighty powers up above stop listening?
duhh caitlin.
the second part is even more dumb than that.
have you ever looked around at the people surrounding you and thought that you were very inadequate?
not by intelligence, or looks, or anything like that.
but, because of your weaknesses?
like, you look all around and you feel so awful because all of these people are so good,
and your weakness is the worst one ever?
those people are all so good, and you're just not.
why does it appear that i am the only one struggling?
well, i have now spilled my guts out to all my readers so that now even they are aware of the sensitive state of my being.
for anyone else out there who may be struggling with anything like this, or even just anything at all,
don't give up. there is always more time, and always more you can do.
just be strong with me, okay?

well now i am off to bed. my tummy ache won't go away.

-shine on,
glitter girl.

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