February 24, 2012

sometimes, when my roommates make a mess of the kitchen i just cleaned, and then leave it that way, then use my dishes without permission, and then don't wash them and leave them out all over the place with food sitting in them, and then i come in and the kitchen smells like something foul died in the walls, and then i look around and it looks like a bomb exploded in Pinetree #11....... sometimes when that happens i just feel like doing this. 
patience and tolerance are not two things i am great at exercising.
especially in moments like this.
i really need to work on it though, because i am seriously fuming right now.
my mom would say i should "serve" them. which of course is the right answer.
so normally i would bake them a treat and write them a nice note to go along with it.
but unfortunately, with my kitchen being in the current condition that it is, i can't bake anything.
oh well, it's the thought that counts.

why is cleaning up after yourself so hard? GEEEEZE.

-shine on,
glitter girl

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Anonymous said...

Mothers know best!